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Episode 6: Process Improvement and Internal Controls


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In the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have been forced to make changes to their operations that otherwise may not have been made, and for many, that provides an opportunity to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of their processes. As companies adapt to the changing world, how can you help your team adapt their own tasks in a way that’s beneficial for the business?

In this special edition episode of The Wrap, our hosts welcome two internal controls and data analytics experts, Sarah Beth Magette, CPA and Kevin Wang, CPA, CGFM, to discuss how companies can turn today’s challenges into opportunities for process improvement.

Discussion in this episode of The Wrap includes:

  • Tips for creating an efficient and effective remote working environment for your employees
  • Considerations for automating tasks within your business
  • Processes concerning cash that should be conducted differently in a remote environment
  • Why fraud cases are expected to increase in the coming weeks
  • Specific ways businesses can leverage their data in order to make strategic improvements

This episode reflects our views at the time this podcast episode was released and should be used as reference only. We recommend that you talk to your Warren Averett advisor, or another business advisor, for the most current information or for guidance specific to your organization.

Season Three Episodes - Business Advice Amid COVID-19

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