Episode 021: Understanding Business Impact from a Global Pandemic

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In this episode of The Wrap, Paul and Kim summon an unscheduled podcast recording to discuss the challenges that companies are facing as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic across the globe and what they should do to adequately respond.

This podcast episode covers consideration for:

  • How business should be forecasting their financial futures
  • Evaluating your supply chain
  • Business continuity or disaster recovery plans
  • Paid time off and sick leave offered to employees

Will Aderholt, CPA of Warren Averett and Brownlee Currey of Currey & Company join The Wrap to weigh in on the factors that matter most to businesses in light of COVID-19.

Access The Wrap’s other special edition podcast episode about how COVID-19 is impacting the markets and investors. 

This episode reflects our views at the time this podcast episode was released and should be used as reference only. We recommend that you talk to your Warren Averett advisor, or another business advisor, for the most current information or for guidance specific to your organization.

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