Episode 036: Gravy Solutions

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“Great leaders love chaos.”

Casey Graham, CEO and Co-Founder of Gravy Solutions, is no doubt one of those leaders.

For him, navigating the COVID-19 pandemic meant much more than leading a business through uncertainty. It meant supporting his team and seizing the chaos for what would become opportunity.

In February, the company was set to lose nearly $600,000 in the span of four short weeks, and up until recently, Graham says, “Nobody knew Gravy existed. Like, nobody.”

A self-proclaimed “people company,” Gravy used the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to be generous to their team members, share more about who they are, and broadcast the vision for their company. And things took off.

In this episode of The Wrap, Casey Graham joins our hosts to explain how he and his company navigated and will continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, share the story of his “desert season” as an entrepreneur, convey his approach to leadership and offer advice to other businesses leaders looking to make the most of their roles.

The Wrap Season 4 Episode 7, Gravy Solutions:

Hosts: Kim Hartsock & Paul Perry

Guest: Casey Graham


Founded in 2017, Gravy strengthens small businesses by returning failed payments, retaining customers and freeing up business owners to do what they love.

Casey Graham

Casey Graham is the Co-Founder and CEO of Gravy Solutions. Throughout his career, Casey started, grew and sold three businesses and hit the Inc 5000 List three times in a row.

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