Episode 033: Studer Family of Companies (Part One)

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“We’ve got to up our game, no matter what business we’re in.”

Quint Studer is a lifelong businessman, entrepreneur, student of leadership and a prominent presence in the business arena and community of Pensacola, Florida.

He’s the founder of the Studer Group (a healthcare consulting company, ultimately sold in 2015), the founder of the Studer Community Institute (a not-for-profit organization), an author of multiple books, a co-owner of a Minor League Baseball team, orator at George Washington University and Cornell, and the wearer of many more hats in addition to the few listed here.

With so many irons in the fire, how does a figure like Quint, and his many ventures, respond to a global pandemic that has threatened the continuity of organizations everywhere?

In this episode of The Wrap, Quint joins our hosts for part one of two conversations to describe his involvement, his organizations’ missions and operations and the ways they have pivoted to find creative solutions that not only benefit the organizations and their respective employees, but how they’ve impacted the community of Pensacola.

Helpful resources from this episode’s discussion:

The Wrap Season 4 Episode 4, Studer Family of Companies

Hosts: Kim Hartsock & Paul Perry

Guests: Quint Studer & Cyndi Warren

Quint Studer:

Quint Studer is a lifelong businessman, entrepreneur, and student of leadership. He not only teaches it, he has done it—and still leads businesses today. In 2000 he founded the Studer Group, which he sold in 2015, and in 2014 Quint founded a not for profit, Studer Community Institute. Quint does so many things in the Pensacola area, we will get to more of those as we talk today.

Cyndi Warren:

Cyndi Warren is the Managing Member of the Pensacola office. Cyndi works with many Gulf Coast companies to advise them in areas including tax planning, tax code compliance and tax credits and incentives. She is also a local speaker and community advocate.


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