Episode 034: Studer Family of Companies (Part Two)

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“We will never go back to where we were.”

Quint Studer is no stranger to the worlds of business, leadership and community. With his involvement in businesses of varying industries (including a minor league baseball team, a nonprofit organization, a coffee shop, office space, retail operation—to name a few), Quint not only strives to keep an eye on opportunity for his ventures, but for the community of Pensacola as a whole.

What can business leaders take away from his experience navigating the impact COVID-19 has had on his businesses, as well as his personal leadership style?

In this episode of The Wrap, Quint continues the conversation with our hosts for part two of two to delve further into the importance of collaboration, the value in supporting employees, and the impact that an eye for opportunity can create.

Helpful resources from this episode’s discussion:

The Wrap Season 4 Episode 4, Studer Family of Companies

Hosts: Kim Hartsock & Paul Perry

Guests: Quint Studer & Cyndi Warren

Quint Studer:

Quint Studer is a lifelong businessman, entrepreneur, and student of leadership. He not only teaches it, he has done it—and still leads businesses today. In 2000 he founded the Studer Group, which he sold in 2015, and in 2014 Quint founded a not for profit, Studer Community Institute. Quint does so many things in the Pensacola area, we will get to more of those as we talk today.

Cyndi Warren:

Cyndi Warren is the Managing Member of the Pensacola office. Cyndi works with many Gulf Coast companies to advise them in areas including tax planning, tax code compliance and tax credits and incentives. She is also a local speaker and community advocate.


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