Matt Adams Featured in the Birmingham Business Journal’s Data Protection Table of Experts

Written on September 7, 2022

Matt.AdamsMatt Adams, CISSP, was recently featured as a contributor to the Birmingham Business Journal’s (BBJ) Table of Experts series in a segment about Data Protection and Security.

The BBJ’s Table of Experts series features insight from local professionals on various topics that are important to business leaders in today’s world. This August segment highlighted what business owners should consider in regard to data protection (and why it’s important), the different types of data and strategies for protecting them, what can happen if a company is affected by a data breach and more.

When asked about the key components of data protection that companies should consider, Adams said, “For optimal data protection, companies should consider implementing a policy that sorts, identifies and categorizes the data by assigning it an associated risk factor. Companies should also have a plan for data storage management, data access management, a verification system, data breach prevention, data backup and data recovery.”

Throughout the piece, Adams emphasized the importance for business owners to partner with companies that can offer a full team of specialists who provide a technical assessment of a company’s data. They should also be able to review the company’s data to determine risk and provide a road map for protecting the data. He also stressed that ensuring data protection can increase the trust and credibility of an organization, which can also enhance the enterprise and increase their brand reputation.

Adams joined the firm in 2016, where he is the Information Security Manager for the firm’s Warren Averett Technology Group. He has over 25 years of experience in Information Technology. Currently, his primary responsibilities are technical security assessments and sales engineering in support of the Technology Group’s managed services.

Warren Averett Technology Group offers a wide range of solutions that can meet your information technology needs. The firm strives to stay up to date on industry regulations for data protection and security so that we can provide our clients with the best possible service. Find out more about Warren Averett Technology Group.

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