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Warren Averett’s Huntsville Office Supports the Greater Huntsville Humane Society’s King’s Community Kitchen

Written on October 25, 2021

Warren Averett CPAs and Advisors’ Huntsville accounting and advisory office, through the Warren Averett Animal Advocacy Group, recently supported the Greater Huntsville Humane Society’s King’s Community Kitchen.

Warren Averett Animal Advocacy Group (WAAAG) is a group of employees passionate about impacting the lives of animals and getting more Warren Averett team members interested in animal fostering.

It has been a goal of the group to support and serve local communities and their pets throughout the summer, leading to a series of summer service projects. Amber Stout, a Manager in the Firm’s Accounting Services division in Huntsville, pushed for the team to contribute to King’s Community Kitchen.

King’s Community Kitchen is a facet of the Greater Huntsville Humane Society that provides low-income pet owners with food for their cats and dogs in times of financial difficulty. By distributing donated dog and cat food, they save lives and keep animals in their own homes.

“I was inspired by the need to help families who love their pets but may struggle to care for them, so I created a food drive to replenish their stores,” said Stout. “Giving back is a big part of working at Warren Averett, and I’m glad that the Huntsville office and I could get involved through WAAAG.”

At the end of the drive, Amber and the Huntsville office provided 161 pounds of food and some cat toys to support King’s Community Kitchen.

Thanks to all of our Huntsville CPAs, advisors and professionals who donated food and resources to support the Greater Huntsville Humane Society and made a difference in the lives of these animals.

Learn more about the Greater Huntsville Humane Society, King’s Community Kitchen or our Huntsville office.



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