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U.S. businesses lose billions each year to fraud. We understand that business owners have less time to focus on all aspects of daily operations, which can leave your business vulnerable. We are here to help.

The Firm’s forensic accountants include certified fraud examiners (CFEs) who have experience conducting internal investigations and installing effective fraud deterrence systems. The team knows what patterns to look for in the data of an organization, and they can identify the key behavior patterns and psychological profiles of people who are likely to commit fraud. We also understand that many frauds exploit weaknesses in computer networks, which is why our CPAs, some who are also Certified Information System Auditors (CISA), are an integral part of our fraud investigations. In addition, all team members have extensive experience evaluating business processes and internal controls to identify weaknesses and suggest improvements. Our professionals have experience across all industries and are uniquely qualified to identify fraud risks and fraudulent activities in their industry of expertise.

Warren Averett is accustomed to providing effective fraud prevention measures for businesses of all sizes. We provide businesses the peace of mind and security of knowing they have safeguards in place to prevent fraud. If your business has experienced fraud, our professionals can assist in identifying how the fraud occurred, mitigate damage and ensure safeguards to prevent future fraudulent acts from arising.

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