Cyberattacks pose one of the greatest risks to the profitability and longevity of businesses in today’s economy. Criminals from around the globe are finding cybercrime more lucrative than ever and over 70 percent of cyberattacks happen to small- to mid-size businesses. On average, it takes a business 191 days to identify a breach and the cost of a breach goes beyond financial impact. The damage to your brand could cost you your business and livelihood. If your computers were to get hacked today and all your data was gone and your clients’ info was compromised what would you do? How confident are you that your systems would hold up against cyber bullies and keep your data safe? If you’re not confident in your cybersecurity, Warren Averett can help.

Warren Averett’s Risk, Security and Technology group provides a wide range of cybersecurity services and solutions to keep your data safe, your clients’ info safe and your business running smoothly. Through a variety of tests we can identify and remediate flaws and vulnerabilities in your systems. Our professionals can safeguard your data so that your clients, employees and vendors can have confidence that their information is secure.


We offer a wide range of assessments depending on your needs, including risk assessments, vulnerability tests, penetration testing, web app security testing and more.

While a vulnerability test searches for vulnerabilities in a system, a penetration test attempts to identify weaknesses in an environment. Our Certified Ethical Hackers look for ways to infiltrate your infrastructure as if they were a cybercriminal. If they are able to get in, so can hackers. Our security professionals can help you determine what type of testing fits your business needs.

If you don’t take a proactive approach in assessing and securing your data, you’re opening yourself up to a cyberattack which could include ransomware or breaches where your data is compromised and cyber bullies get your customers’ information. Data breaches cost U.S. companies an average of $7.9 million in 2018 and the damages to your reputation can be devastating to a business. Would you personally want to buy something from a business who had a data breach? You would probably think twice about it knowing that they’ve had customer information stolen before which can result in your information being sold on the black market and having your identity stolen. We can help you be proactive and minimize your risk against the cyber bullies trying to attack each and every day.

Yes, it’s important to have trained professionals review your network. We have found that many companies that have a third party credit card processor don’t even realize they are storing credit card numbers on their servers. We offer you an executive summary detailing the most critical areas needing improvement, plus a more detailed report listing all vulnerabilities found. In addition, our team will meet with you to explain our findings and suggestions for remediation steps.

Yes. Warren Averett’s Security, Risk and Controls Group offers cybersecurity training to help your employees stay up to date on cybersecurity awareness, effective controls, governance procedures, regulatory demands, industry trends and more.

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