System Infrastructure

Warren Averett can provide technology solutions for your business including cloud hosting, internet connectivity, telephones, computers and networking.

We can keep your data secure, minimize your risk, meet industry requirements and provide disaster recovery while also backing-up your data with our cloud-hosting solutions. What would happen if you woke up tomorrow to find your server had crashed and all your business information was gone? We understand the importance of securing your data. We know what needs to be accomplished and what can happen if it’s not. We can also provide your internet connectivity, telephones, computers and network.


Yes, if you have multiple locations you know it’s imperative that they all communicate together and when that doesn’t happen well your bottom line is affected. Our engineers can evaluate your current network and make recommendations on how your business may be able to operate more efficiently. Warren Averett Technology Group can help you maximize your productivity and minimize effort and expense. And when it comes to internet, it may not be very exciting but it is necessary and can be a costly expense, especially if you have multiple locations. Warren Averett Technology Group can provide internet connectivity at a more affordable cost than larger companies.

Yes! Providing updated computers and desk phones for all your employees can be a hassle and costly. Warren Averett Technology Group can handle all of this for you – from putting a phone on a desk, to upgrading and servicing computers – mark it off your to-do list and leave it to us!

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