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Warren Averett Announces 2021 Firm-Wide Promotions

Written by Warren Averett on May 17, 2021

Warren Averett is pleased to announce our annual Firm-wide promotions. Despite the adversity and the challenges that were faced over the last 18 months, the team at Warren Averett stepped up and continued to provide excellent service to clients and to each other. Congratulations to the 104 well-deserving professionals promoted this year.

Below is the list of the 45 promoted Managers, Senior Managers and Principals. Congratulations to all!


Leann Jerome, CPA, Manager / Audit


Jakob Nixon, CPA, Manager / Audit

Lyle Simons, CVA, Principal / Consulting

Ashley Noble, Senior Manager / Director of Industry Marketing


Edie Sullivan, Senior Manager / Director / Administration

Jess Brawner, Senior Manager / Director of Operations

Andrea Johnson, Principal / Chief Compliance Officer / Asset Management

Drew Gearhart, CFP®, Senior Manager / Senior Client Consultant / Asset Management

Gavin Gillison, CFP®, Senior Manager / Director of Financial Planning, Senior Client Consultant / Asset Management

Jonathan Osborne, QKA, Senior Manager / Daily 401(k) Operations Manager / Asset Management

Alex Ezelle, CPA, Manager / Audit

Gracie Huie, CPA, Manager / Audit

Ashley Dutton, CPA, Principal / Audit

Jimmy Musso, CPA, Senior Manager / Audit

Michael Nix, CPA, Senior Manager / Audit

Ryan Grauel, CPA, Senior Manager / Audit

Brooke Booth, Manager / Campus Recruiting Manager

Shannon Brasher, CRCM, CCBCO, CBAP, Principal / Consulting

Spencer Powell, Senior Manager / Director of Software Development

Monica Fischer, Senior Manager / General Counsel

Annie McCarter, Senior Manager / Director of Payroll

Chris Branch, CPA, Manager / Tax

Harry Waugh, CPA, Manager / Tax

Kristen Milling, CPA, Manager / Tax

Scott Wiseman, CPA, Manager / Tax

Barbara Blackerby, CPA, Principal / Tax

Stacy Watts, CPA, Senior Manager / Tax

Tonya Brown, CPA, Principal / Tax


Sally Hamm, CPA, Senior Manager / Tax

Destin and Fort Walton Beach

Joel Bradley, CPA, Manager / Audit

Paul Davis, CPA, Manager / Audit

Jonathan Futrell, CPA, Principal / Tax


Gail Wang, CPA, Senior Manager / Audit

Katye Coats, CPA, Senior Manager / Tax

Montgomery and Mobile

Staci Kelley, CPA, Principal / Audit

Kelly Cochran, Principal / Director of Human Resources

Henry Lee, CPA, Manager / Korean Business Services

Sue Han, CPA, Manager / Korean Business Services

Kaleigh Flatt, Senior Manager / Director of Client Services Marketing

Jessica Kearley, Project Manager / Warren Averett Technology Group

Trent Stough, Project Manager / Warren Averett Technology Group


Sunny Ricks, Senior Manager / Director of Marketing Communications

Sally Schenck, Manager / Tax

Ashley Tucker, CFP®, Financial Planner, Client Consultant / Asset Management


Eden Hunt, CPA, Manager / Tax



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