Warren Averett’s David Salters Featured in the Huntsville Business Journal

Written on November 10, 2021

David is a Member and serves as the Director of Sales and Operations for the Firm's staffing affiliateWarren Averett CPAs and Advisors’ David Salters, CSP, TSC, was recently featured as a contributor to the Huntsville Business Journal’s piece, Exploring America’s “Employee Market”: Questions Left Unanswered by Employment Rates.

Exploring America’s “Employee Market”: Questions Left Unanswered by Employment Rates discussed the staffing shortage and other changes in the workforce that have occurred after the pandemic. Salters was interviewed about the potential causes of the staffing shortage and why people may be reluctant to come back to the workforce.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the workforce was changed. Salters discussed why people left and did not return to the workforce. “Some people, they just want to stay home and for their own reasons, maybe for health risks and safety,” said Salters. “If their company does not offer a remote work option, they’re not going to participate. Others were influenced by stimulus money. Even though Alabama has ended the federal portion of that, sometimes when incentives get going, potential employees can delay their re-entry into the workforce.”

In addition to low-wage workers turning away from jobs, Salters says that he has also seen a change in professional workers. “They decided, ‘I’m not going back to the office. I had a chance to boost time with my family and put a little balance back into my schedule.’ They are not going back into the workforce unless they have that option.”

David Salters is a Member of Warren Averett, where he serves as the leader of Warren Averett’s HR Solutions Group and leads the Firm’s Staffing and Recruiting and HR Consulting Divisions. Since joining the Firm in 2010, Salters has used his extensive experience to help clients with their staffing and recruiting so that they can focus all their time and energy on their core businesses. Salters is a thought leader with deep industry experience, who believes that a flexible workforce can improve a client’s profitability.

Staffing and recruiting are priorities for Warren Averett, especially as we seek to support our clients as they navigate the changing workforce. Learn more about Warren Averett Staffing & Recruiting or HR Consulting. If you would like to read the whole article, Huntsville Business Journal subscribers can access it here.

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