Warren Averett Technology Group Celebrates International Women’s Day

Written on March 5, 2021

This International Women’s Day, Warren Averett Technology Group is proud to celebrate the women who have played instrumental roles in technology, as well as the women who are making a difference in technology at our Firm today!

Could you imagine life without GPS, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth? If famed actress Hedy Lamarr had never invented spread spectrum communication technology in WWII, people now wouldn’t be able to use these technologies. Without Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer who inspired Alan Turig, or Mary Allen Wilkes, the designer of one of the earliest interactive personal computers, where would society be? It’s simple: no one would be able to work from home or do mobile banking.

Without the impact women have made in technology, life would be vastly different. On International Women’s Day, we celebrate these women and their incredible contributions to society, and we look towards the future as well.

Today’s Women in Technology at WATG

Warren Averett Technology Group is committed to empowering women in technology. Not only does Warren Averett Technology Group have a female Practice Leader and Director of Operations, Emily Jones, PMP, CABM, MCITP, 40% of the team is female. In STEM, where women make up only 22% of the workforce, this number is an amazing step towards a future of inclusivity and innovation.

Warren Averett strives to embrace diverse perspectives, and in industries like accounting and technology where women have often been the minority, it’s important to embrace their perspectives since it is different from the established norm. With the strides that Warren Averett Technology Group has made and continues to make, considering perspectives when it comes to making decisions has made all the difference.


Get to Know a Few of Our Team Members

Mary Wiggins

“Oh my gosh, I literally fell into technology. I started as an accounting clerk at a local beer distributor and loved working with the ‘new’ accounting system from my Compaq ‘luggable’ computer.  I had a friend who worked for Digital Systems (operating and application systems for DEC computers) who contacted me about a job there, and after my interviews I was offered a position in their System’s Support area. I initially worked with the mainframes, VAX, MicroVAX, RSX and RT systems and expanded into the Unix environment when it entered the market. I loved the technical aspects of the job and that every day was a new challenge. I left Digital Systems and went to work with Hicks, Rowell and Johnson, a local CPA firm that was starting a Technology/Software Consulting practice, and the rest is history.”

Mary Wiggins is the Director of Software Services and has over 25 years of industry experience as a network engineer and software consultant.  She is a Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist (MCTS) for Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains software, a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), and an Intuit Advanced Certified ProAdvisor for QuickBooks. For the past 18 years she has focused on the planning, implementation and support of software systems, accounting and retail management as well as niche products. She specializes in accounting system setup and design (for-profit and not-for-profit) along with internal controls and process documentation/evaluation.

Susie Hicks

“Technology chose me, and I am so glad it did! I was looking for a change and never imagined I would work in the field of IT. It is very challenging, yet rewarding, and it keeps my mind sharp and constantly in use!”

Susie Hicks is a founding member of Warren Averett Technology Group’s Business Consulting team. Due to her intense client focus, polished communications skills and vast understanding of the benefits of great technology solutions, she advises our clients on IT solutions that make sense for their businesses. She believes that success lies in delivering superior results and is responsible for assuring excellence in our work product while building strong relationships. Susie is fully committed to ensuring we provide a consistently superior client experience.

Katherine Gray

“I honestly did not grow up thinking about a career in Information Technology. When it came time to choose a college major, I decided on a field of study that I believed would offer never-ending growth and variety. The technology world is truly changing and growing every single day, and I am thankful and excited to be a small part of that.”

Katherine Gray has a degree in Business Information Systems from Faulkner University. After graduating, she began her career in the IT field working as a help desk specialist at Gunter AFB. Katherine joined Warren Averett Technology Group in 2013 as a Network Analyst and in 2016, she transitioned from working externally with clients to an internally focused Business Analyst role. Today, she manages the Technology Group’s CRM/PSA tool and handles the client billing. She also works with the management team to identify internal improvement opportunities in business operations and processes. 

Tianna Nurse

“Ever since I was first exposed to a computer in middle school, I knew I wanted to pursue anything that involved computers. After high school, because of my love for problem solving and researching, I decided to enlist in the U.S. Army and was trained as an Intelligence Analyst. Joining the U.S. Army also provided me with resources to enroll in an HBCU and obtain a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Since graduating college, I pursued positions that would further my knowledge and love of computers.”

Tianna Nurse serves as the Resource Center Coordinator for Warren Averett Technology Group. She is responsible for overseeing the help desk and ensuring that clients’ issues are assigned to the appropriate team member and resolved quickly and accurately. Her previous experience ranges from pharmacy software support, optical lab Computer Support Assistant and Help Desk Analyst for a railroad company.  Tianna plans to broaden her knowledge in IT and further advance her career by pursuing a graduate degree and technical certifications.

Jessica Kearley

“When I attended Auburn University, there were very few women majoring in the field of technology. This, in addition to the exciting technological developments in the world of business, intrigued me. I love a challenge and it seemed like a promising career choice. Information Technology has provided me with limitless opportunities for growth, learning, travel and career options!”

Jessica Kearley has 20+ years of Information Technology experience in the implementation of software and hardware across many industries world-wide. She currently serves as a Project Manager for the software division of Warren Averett Technology Group. Jessica’s primary responsibilities include managing projects for software implementations, integrations, upgrades, enhancements and hosted cloud services. Before joining Warren Averett Technology Group, Jessica was an ERP software consultant, project manager and independent contractor for multiple organizations. Jessica has a wealth of diverse experience in project management, business analysis, systems administration, reporting, compliance, security and vendor management.


Learn more about Ada Lovelace, Mary Allen Wilkes, Hedy Lamarr and other women who made today’s innovations possible here. You can read more about Warren Averett Technology Group here.

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