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Panama City Office Team Collects Donations for Local Animal Rescue

Written by Warren Averett on December 21, 2020

PCB Office DonationsIn the last quarter of 2020, Warren Averett’s Panama City office chose to support and collect donations for our local Salty Cats of St. Andrews Rescue.

The rescue’s mission is to reduce “the suffering and overpopulation of feral and abandoned cats by providing shelter, care, vet and adoption services.” As of December, the rescue has over 50 cats up for adoption and 70 in colonies that they maintain daily.

Earlier this year, the accountants and advisors in Warren Averett’s Panama City office location noticed two cats hanging around the office building on Wilson Avenue. Concerned about their well-being, the team members gave the cats some food and reached out to Salty Cats, who came to the office to catch the cats, provided them with vet care and found a home for them and their two kittens.

After this experience, the team at our Panama City office wanted to support Salty Cats of St. Andrews this holiday season. The Warren Averett team of CPAs and advisors in Panama City helped by donating food and supplies from the rescue’s wish list, monetary gifts and a multi-level cat tree.

Missy Howell in the Firm’s Tax Division, who was familiar with Salty Cats and the work their had done for stray cats in her neighborhood, was proud that the Panama City team at Warren Averett was able to support this community organization in a personal way. “We just wanted to support and help in any way we could. The Warren Averett team really stepped up!”

Thanks to each team member in Panama City for the generous support they have shown in their community, and thanks to Salty Cats of St. Andrews Rescue for the difference they are making in our Panama City community!

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