Warren Averett Enhances Client Experience with New Client Portal

Written by Warren Averett on February 22, 2018

Warren Averett announces a proprietary client portal named Warren Averett Connect, created to make interactions and clerical exchanges as easy and as client-friendly as possible, allowing more room for strengthening valued connections and relationships between the Firm and those whom it serves.

Through innovation and efforts to enhance the client experience, Warren Averett has used the latest encryption technology in developing Warren Averett Connect to facilitate secure document exchange. Warren Averett Connect was technologically crafted to be unique to the Firm and specific to the needs of its clients. Its name reflects its purpose – This portal will allow staff members, clients, and third parties to submit documents via a dynamic request listing. Through Warren Averett Connect, clients are able to continually monitor the progress of their engagements, as well as conveniently obtain finalized documents, such as financial statements and tax returns.

“Warren Averett Connect is a true game-changer for our firm.” said Kevin Wang, Director of Innovation. “Warren Averett noted that most regional accounting firms our size don’t have the resources to build a proprietary portal. The implementation of Warren Averett Connect sets our firm apart by allowing us to remain competitive with the largest accounting firms, while continuing to emphasize our priority of maintaining strong client relationships.”

More information about Warren Averett Connect and how Warren Averett is leveraging technology to benefit the client experience is available here.

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