Exit Strategy

Exit Strategy

Transaction decisions are best made proactively, not reactively. Diligent preparation and advance planning are key to a successful exit.

Our exit strategy advisors assess the quality of historical earnings, projections, working capital and operations. Well in advance of when a transaction may occur, we work with the business owners to identify strategies that will optimize value and help prepare them for the exit strategy of the business, both personally and professionally.

Warren Averett provides exit strategy consulting for business owners, attorneys, trust departments, banks and financial institutions, professional practices and individuals in a wide variety of situations. We are particularly suited to assist with decisions from buying or selling a company, to obtaining a loan, to creating a succession plan, to filing an insurance claim.

Our primary objective as exit strategy specialists is to help you understand the definition of value in business and plan accordingly for a transition. We recognize that decisions made based upon the business value have far-reaching effects. Many times, a person’s largest asset is an investment in his or her business, but few understand the true value creation model. Success means defining high-level goals, creating value in business and ensuring strategic readiness.

Exit Strategy with Warren Averett

Our Advisors

Our exit strategy advisors specialize in supporting clients in all phases of their business and transaction life cycles. We work with clients in both buy-side and sell-side transactions, along with advising owners on creating value within their businesses. Our expert team is experienced with mergers and acquisitions, due-diligence and transaction structuring and financing.

We advise a wide variety of clients, including private equity, closely held and public companies.

Our Approach

Strategic execution of a well-designed plan is the most critical step toward achieving value creation and a successful exit strategy. While there is no one-size-fits-all plan for transitioning, our exit strategy specialists have developed time-tested methods with a straightforward and effective approach. We recognize that all organizations are different and deserve customized plans that consider every aspect of their unique situations to prepare well in advance for a seamless exit.

Successful Solutions

Do you know what your business is worth? Will you be ready when it’s time to make a transition?

While our competitors might enlist contractors to assist with exit strategy planning, our corporate exit strategy specialists, backed by the expert resources within Warren Averett, are one of the most qualified groups in the Southeast.

We take your strategy a step further by developing a transition plan with your finance team, examining your philanthropic values and creating the kind of trust that comes with a long-term relationship. Warren Averett can also help you know what to expect after a sale. Being emotionally, financially and strategically ready are all key to a smooth transition.

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