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Warren Averett provides a variety of Risk & Compliance solutions to keep your data safe through risk assessments, IT control examinations and more.

Nearly 3 out of 4 companies in the U.S. have experienced some type of fraud event, according to recent fraud investigation surveys. Yet the majority of fraud carried out in small businesses could be prevented through improved corporate governance and better internal controls. Warren Averett can help your company adopt a proactive approach to compliance and minimize the risk of a security breach. We can also ensure that you’re complying with industry requirements, such as PCI, HIPAA, FAR and DFARS.


Depending on your business, you may be required to meet multiple compliance requirements. If not met, penalties from these compliance requirements can put a significant dent in a company’s earnings, but they are nothing compared to the damage that a data security breach can do to your business and its reputation. Would you do business with a company who had a data breach?

Data breaches can be very damaging, both to your bottomline and to your reputation. The best way to stop a breach is to be proactive and prevent it before it happens. We have a variety of services we can provide where we can test your system and see how it would hold up in the event of a cyber attack. If we find any weaknesses we can fix them before the cyber bullies find them.

Warren Averett typically begins with a vulnerability assessment of your internal and external network environment, and identifies holes and vulnerabilities in your systems. If we discover vulnerabilities, then we can conduct a penetration test. Penetration testing identifies exploitable vulnerabilities in your data security which can be compromised by hackers. Tests are run on software and devices within your system to inspect web applications and databases, and to search for malicious intrusions, such as adware and spyware. Tests are also performed on various data security measures, including firewalls, anti-virus tools, patches, internal controls, remote access, and more. If your company requires a PCI scan, we can help you facilitate the scan and make any adjustments required.

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