Three Ways a Talent Acquisition Specialist is Key to Your Company’s Recruitment

Written by David Salters on January 12, 2022

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It’s no secret that hiring new employees for crucial roles is expensive. To onboard the most qualified talent for a role, the process can cost as much as 33% of the position’s annual projected salary.

But add in the complexities of today’s job market and pandemic-related trends, such as remote work scenarios and unprecedented resignations on the global scale, and things become even more complicated. Attracting and retaining talented employees has never been such a challenge for HR teams.

To cope with the challenging environment, many organizations are seeking the expertise of a talent acquisition specialist.

By working with a talent acquisition specialist (also known as a talent acquisition manager), you can explore strategies to help you attract, hire and retain talented employees in alignment with (and sometimes despite) market trends.

Here, we’ll look at talent acquisition specialists, what their roles are and what they can do to help your organization find and hire the best talent available.

What Are the Roles of a Talent Acquisition Specialist?

Talent acquisition specialists are instrumental in helping businesses find and recruit top-notch candidates to streamline and strategize the hiring process for in-house hiring teams over the long term.

Some key roles that a talent acquisition manager fills include:

  • Advising on marketplace hiring trends
  • Formulating long-term recruitment strategies for the organization that align with business goals
  • Preparing and drafting precise and legally compliant job descriptions
  • Determining the selection criteria at every phase of recruitment
  • Sourcing candidates, whether passively posting job descriptions on boards or taking scouting efforts to job fairs or universities
  • Screening resumes for the best fit to bring the candidate list per position to a reasonable number for the HR staff
  • Providing recommendations to hiring managers with an outsider’s objective perspective
  • Arranging interviews and developing questions to accurately assess a candidate according to role needs
  • Developing a competitive compensation package for companies to offer to candidates
  • Monitoring and reporting about the candidate experience to gauge success

Talent acquisition specialists fulfill these roles and much more, depending on a company’s specific pain points, industry and long-term vision.

Three Ways a Talent Acquisition Specialist Is Key to Recruitment

Talent acquisition is an approach that more and more companies are adopting to rise above their competition in today’s cut-throat recruiting environment, where candidates are leaving their jobs in record numbers and businesses are all trying to fill empty roles with the best people.

In this market, a talent acquisition specialist can help your company hire the best today and far into the future. Here are three specific examples of how a talent acquisition manager can make the difference for your company.

1. Develops a Detailed, Long-Term Talent Acquisition Strategy

A talent acquisition specialist remains keenly aware of the multiple positions available in your company and identifies the best way to fill them—and ensure they stay filled—by hiring correctly for the long term. An advisor can help your business move forward by not simply filling empty roles, but aligning your hiring strategy with where you see the future of your business.

Your talent acquisition manager can use data, statistics and the previous effectiveness of your recruitment process to help you create a full plan for building your organization’s future through strategic hires.

2. Monitors the Competition for Talent in Your Industry

The path to hiring the best candidates might seem more unclear than ever, trying to serve each candidate’s needs, desires and demands when it comes to compensation, benefits and more.

In a candidate’s market, the competition factor soars, so you need to stay attuned to whom your competitors are hiring, terminating or losing to resignation.

Your talent acquisition specialist will continually monitor your competition, guiding you on ways to offer better compensation, more recognition and valued feedback.

3. Helps Your Business Become More Agile and Flexible

If the past few years maneuvering through the pandemic have taught us nothing else, we all—employers and candidates—can benefit from staying agile.

Market fluctuations can happen at any time and for any reason, depending on factors such as internal business circumstances and shifts, external economic or environmental impacts and ongoing supply chain challenges. A talent acquisition manager can help you build and flex your hiring muscles as needed during times of change.

A Partnership with a Talent Acquisition Specialist Provides Insights That Promote Hiring Confidence and Employee Retention

Attracting and retaining talented employees is no small feat in today’s environment.

As your company strives to hire according to the reality of today’s marketplace, it’s more important than ever to move forward with a long-term strategy that talent acquisition specialists, like the ones at Warren Averett, can help you design.

Our forward-thinking team can help you build a dynamic recruitment and talent acquisition plan that gets results, connecting you with the best candidates who are looking for a company like yours.

Contact us to schedule a chat and discuss how we can help your business thrive.

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