How Consulting Makes Your Business’s Talent Recruitment More Competitive

Written by David Salters on January 14, 2022

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For companies looking to both hire and retain the best employees, today’s talent recruitment market can be a challenge, especially if you’re trying to navigate it on your own.

Here, we’ll discuss why talent recruitment poses new complexities for companies, as well as how partnering with a consultant can help your organization properly address these multi-faceted hiring issues—without draining your resources or breaking the bank.

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Why is Talent Recruitment So Challenging for Today’s Companies?

Talent recruitment is generally known as the process for how organizations seek out future employees and communicate with them about applying for openings that may fit the skill sets that organizations require.

The problem? There are more open positions today than there are qualified candidates looking for them. This means that not only is your organization vying for the best and brightest to fill open positions, but your competitors are too.

Now, pair this dynamic with changing workforce norms (like hybrid and remote work) and shifts in compensation, benefits and company culture; it’s easy to see how keeping up and staying competitive becomes difficult.

For companies that are strapped for resources, it can be hard to bear the workload of simply managing the talent recruitment process—much less stand out from the crowd in your talent acquisition strategies to attract the candidates that you need. That’s why so many organizations are turning to consultants.

Ways a Consultant Can Jumpstart or Revitalize Your Company’s Talent Recruitment Operations

For some large companies with a full-size staffing department, there’s no need to look anywhere else besides in-house for talent resources or recruiting support.

But for most small to mid-size companies, partnering with a consultant for your company’s talent recruitment can allow you to conserve resources while also flexing some new hiring muscles and preserving your HR team’s focus on other crucial employee matters (a key for employee retention).

It’s in this space where the investment in a consulting partnership becomes the most valuable.

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Here are four specific ways your organization can position itself for long-term success by connecting with a talent consultant:

1.      Pre-screening candidates on behalf of your HR team

A talent consultant can free up more of your HR team’s valuable time by pre-screening candidates. In this case, a consultant, acting as a talent acquisition coordinator, would receive applicant submissions, evaluate them initially and pass along only qualified candidates whose experience and qualifications fit the need of the position.

This arrangement allows your internal HR team to receive a vetted list of applicants instead of spending time deciphering which resumes may be a good fit, so your internal team can focus energies on the interviews and interactions that will be most meaningful.

2.      Offering Access to a Greater Talent Pool and Depth of Connections

In today’s job market, many companies are surprised to find that their posts on online job boards aren’t bringing in the quantity or quality of candidates that they had hoped for.

Because today’s talent recruitment is so competitive among companies, simply posting a job description and waiting for applicants to respond may not be enough to bring in the candidates you need.

Partnering with a talent consultant gives your company access to the connections a specialist has made with a network of professionals, which expands your influence and reach far beyond an online job post. The best recruiters and consultants understand their clients’ industries and are well-connected, so they can introduce you to resources and contacts you might otherwise miss.

3.      Providing Specialized Compensation Expertise

Compensation and benefits are an incredibly important aspect of any competitive company’s talent recruitment.

Yet, many companies looking to recruit talented employees in today’s environment don’t even realize that they are operating with an out-of-date compensation model, which hinders their competitiveness.

A talent consultant can provide your company with information on compensation and other trends that are relevant to your value proposition in the market based on data specific to your company’s geography, size and industry.

Having access to this information and recognizing how you compare with competitors will allow your company to update your compensation model if needed to best attract today’s candidates.

4.      Evaluating Your Company for Edge and Efficiencies

Because a consultant has invested in understanding the talent recruitment situation in your specific company’s industry and area, this advisor will be able to offer insight for additional ways your company can be more efficient and competitive, depending on your particular space.

In particular, your consultant may suggest talent acquisition strategies that your organization may not have considered for your company or for specific roles. For example, your consultant may recommend that your company consider offering remote or hybrid working arrangements based on a role’s needs and function, as well as provide the feedback they have heard from candidates across the industry.

Partner With a Consultant or Talent Acquisition Coordinator for Your Company’s Talent Recruitment Needs

Warren Averett Staffing & Recruiting knows that competitive hiring is crucial to any company’s immediate and long-term success, and our talent acquisition coordinators specialize in helping companies become more competitive for the right talent.

Schedule a time to chat with us to discuss how our recruiters and consultants can help your company on your talent recruitment journey.

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