Recruiting Solutions: Three Reasons Industry Expertise Counts

Written by David Salters on February 2, 2022

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The current recruitment marketplace is erratic and unpredictable, to say the least. That means that companies are finding it increasingly challenging to go it on their own when hiring the best talent, and they’re looking for alternative recruiting solutions.

Many businesses are going above and beyond even the best recruiting practices—like conducting remote staffing and recruiting tasks, ensuring the candidate is the right fit within the corporate culture, managing recruitment in the global marketplace, developing and promoting the employer’s brand and using technology-based recruiting solutions, such as staffing software or cloud services.

Each of these solutions offers advantages, but today’s savviest organizational leaders and hiring managers know that partnering with a talent consultant can be one of the most valuable and cost-effective recruiting solutions available. Still, not all advisors can offer companies the same value.

It’s crucial that your talent advisor or consultant knows the ins and outs of your company’s specific industry in order to offer the most value to your company’s hiring strategy.

Why partner with a recruiter who knows your industry instead of a recruiting generalist? Let’s discuss three reasons industry experience in a recruiter counts and delivers top talent to your business.

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1. Access to Data and Market Pulse

In today’s candidate-driven market, companies must design and offer an appropriate—and highly competitive—compensation package. Your staffing and recruiting partners can help you review all the details based on their access to industry data and their experience with companies like yours.

Compensation and benefit offerings vary greatly among positions, companies and industries, so it’s important to have access to the data that’s relevant to your specific company. Taking data averages across industries instead of data that’s specific to your particular space may result in your company being outside of the optimal range.

Your industry recruiting experts can also help you negotiate the compensation terms with top candidates to ensure that the engagement is mutually beneficial and fair for everyone.

As the hiring landscape continues to shift, it’s essential to work with experts who monitor your company’s industry data (not just hearsay) to help you change or stay the course as needed so you always have a competitive edge.

2. Strong Industry Relationships and Access to Candidates

The best talent acquisition specialists and advisors build, promote and maintain their own business by finding top candidates for employers. In part, they do so by meeting, engaging and building rapport with top talent in their clients’ specific niches.

That means that if you request talent for an upcoming role, the chances are strong that your recruitment expert already has several leads on potential candidates because he or she is already deeply engrained in your industry’s network.

As opposed to a recruiting generalist who would start from the ground up with a generic approach, an industry expert will already have a pool of talent to tap for your open role.

This agility and knowledge of your recruiting team actually cuts hiring costs while also giving you access to seasoned professionals in your company’s space.

3. Recruiting Solutions That Support Industry-Specific Needs

Recruiters who are familiar with your company’s industry will be able to offer specific recruiting solutions for your organization, your current situation and your goals for the future.

The skills that employers need from employees will change or are already changing. This is already leaving many employers with a “skills gap” that they need to address through training, hiring or some combination of the two approaches.

Industry recruiters will already be aware of all that’s needed to effectively complete tasks in a given role, as well as trends that may indicate what will be required of the role in the future. This specific insight allows businesses to make hiring decisions that align with the business’ larger, long-term goals.

For example, your industry recruiter will already know which skills your candidates should have, and what tools and software they should be familiar with. Such industry insight is especially important when looking to fill experienced technical positions in fields like accounting, engineering and IT, where highly specific tools and skills would not only best qualify a candidate but also support a particular strategic direction for an organization.

An industry recruiter will already be aware of how your company operates, how a given role functions within the company, and what a candidate will need to be successful now and in the time ahead.

Learn More About Recruiting Solutions Specific to Your Company’s Industry

Is your company’s hiring team searching for the recruiting solutions that will make a difference for your organization? Consider partnering with a recruiter who knows your industry well and can set your organization up for success with qualified candidates and competitive offers.

Contact our staffing and recruiting experts at Warren Averett to learn how we can help you source the best candidates quickly and bring them on board with confidence.

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