The Gold Mindset – Professional Skills We Can Glean From Olympic Athletes

Written by Warren Averett on February 16, 2018

In the midst of the 2018 Winter Olympics, we can find many reasons to admire the athletes as they display their hard work and talents to the world. But what if we took that admiration a step forward and applied that same “gold mindset” to our professional life? Below are three simple ideas inspired by Olympic athletes that can be used in our day to day life.

1. Practice Makes Perfect

Much of what makes Olympic sports so fascinating is the precision and focus that goes into perfecting the sport. For instance, figure skaters train for years to have the right momentum combined with specific amounts of force and friction in order to land the difficult triple axel, triple toe. Much like the day to day training of a sport, the small things we do add up to be big things that have real impacts on our work and relationships. If we are intentional about mastering the small things, like finding ways to develop our professional relationships, we will soon find ourselves reaching new heights.

2. Good Things Come In Due Time

On February 14, 2018, Germany took home its first gold medal for pairs skating in more than 50 years. In fact, Germany’s score was the highest ever recorded for pairs skating and was due in part to the figure skaters’ dedication and relentless effort. We all have professional dreams and goals that we are working towards, and we must not lose sight of those passions. After all, they are what ignites the fire in us to keep going when the days get long. Write down your goals and learn to appreciate the small steps that you have to take to reach your destination.

3. Competition is Fierce – Our Attitude Doesn’t Have to Be

Competition is the driving force of our business world. We want to be the best, and we want our team to win. Our competitive nature drives us to check off our to-do list and go the extra mile, but what happens when that drive turns sour and the heat of the moment gets the best of us? We are no longer cultivating healthy work habits. Headlines reporting tensions among competing Olympic teams are not few and far between. Yet, we can choose to reflect on these competitive stories as it pertains to our own lives. How can we invest in ourselves to ensure that our attitudes are properly aligned to work from a place of gratitude and humble passion rather than a need to win for the sake of winning? Eliminating stressors and learning your trigger points are great ways to maintain the spirit of healthy competition.

Warren Averett encourages professional development, relationship building and healthy competition. Our Firm has programs set in place to develop our team members’ professional goals and turn them into practical steps. We boast of a culture that not only celebrates the strengths of each team member, but encourages them to think bigger and go for the gold. Our culture and values also spill over into the work that we do. As an extension of our clients’ team, we are committed to seeing their companies thrive. To learn more about our culture and values, click here.

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